Cincinnati Wedding Photography // Before and After

Cincinnati Wedding Photography // Before and After

I am often asked what differentiates my photography from other photographers out there. My immediate reaction is to talk about our lighting and our vision. However, as with all visual media, it is very difficult to explain photography concepts with just words. Luckily on my February 7th Cincinnati wedding I had my assistant take images during the portraits at Drees Pavilion in Covington Kentucky.

Below are a couple of examples of what Natural/Available lighting and Off Camera Lighting looks like. The images on the left were taken with Natural/Available lighting where proper exposure is focused on only the couple. With this approach, the lighting is calculated based on the amount falling on the couple and there was no additional lighting provided. This lighting usually results in “flat” and rather washed out images which often need to enhanced in post processing.

For the images on the right I used two off camera flashes which were positioned 45 degrees to couple on either side of the camera. With this approach I calculated the amount of proper exposure needed for the background and then added the flash to separate the couple from the background. This approach is more involved since I had to worry about 3 different light sources. It does however provide a really unique lighting finish.

Lastly, I am not saying that either approach is best, after all wedding photography is a subjective choice. It is a personal preference and my team is well versed in both approaches. The best thing about my Studio’s wedding coverage is that you don’t have to choose which approach you get. You get both an available light and a dramatic off camera flash coverage.

Be sure to drag the white line left and right to see the changes from Natural to Off Camera Lighting.

Here are Chris and Amy photographed from two different lighting perspectives. You can see how the off camera light really creates a dramatic photograph.